The participating institutions are accepted as full members of INSTB insofar as they have approved the statement of objectives and meet the minimal criteria as described in the statement of objectives.

Members will enjoy the following benefits:

·         Members will be entitled to grant the INSTB certificate to their students.

·         Members will be entitled to use the INSTB logo on their websites and PR materials, and the names of their institutions will be mentioned on the INSTB website. The logo may serve as a quality label for audits.

·         Members will be benefiting from the INSTB network, which will serve as a “Think Tank” in the field of translation assessment criteria, internal & external audits, placement criteria and opportunities, curriculum building, student & staff training and exchange, exchange of translation assignments, joint organisation of skills labs, etc.

·         Members will have access to the INSTB online repository of documents.

For the time being no membership fee will be charged.

International Network of Simulated Translation Bureaus